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About milesjordan

After 6 years of playing trumpet in his school band, Miles started producing on FL Studio in 2019. He discovered music production from watching Nick Mira and Kyle Beats on Youtube. Since then, Miles has been releasing music under the name, "milesjordan," a combination of his first and middle name.

Throughout his musical journey so far, Miles has experimented with multiple different genres. Milesjordan's style includes melodic trap, hyperpop, R&B, lo-fi, orchestra, and indie pop. Miles enjoys creating whatever he feels in the moment without limiting his creativity. His inspirations include Juice WRLD, Internet Money, BTS, Usher, Marshmello, and Metro Boomin.

In 2024, milesjordan is focused on releasing his own original music, content, and sound kits for his audience.